Princess of Moonlight

100 happy days: Day 33.

1. Epic, magnificent tree. Taller than the building it guards. I felt so small looking at it hanging out with the sky.

2. A woman gave me these colourful pretties ('Happy Easter' cards) today. So nice of her. 

3. My sister is back from Dresden and Prague, and she brought gifts. :3

… for who could ever learn to love a beast?

100 happy days: Day 32.

1. I found this bag in my room yesterday evening. Courtesy of Mom. :D It says: “Smile is free.”

2. Good morning! Rain.

3. Soon in Belgrade: Menu - food that Tesla loved.

4. Flowers. <3

5. Friends. <3

6. Poor little Will faints. 

7. Verko. <3

100 happy days: Day 31.

1. Perfect Eyebrows Day. :D

2. Rain. The feeling of freshness it brings. <3 Imagine the second pic without the cars, though. How wonderful it would be.

3. Lovely, homemade cookies.

100 happy days: Day 30.

1. Fortune cookie (that I forgot to post with yesterday’s photos). This could translate as “cookie of happiness” in Serbian. :) Anyway, the note says: “While you make plans, life happens. Get a move on!”

2. Poor Tessa, but this made me laugh. (CP manga, still reading it.)

3., 4., 5. First time visiting “Le Petit Prince” coffee place / pastry shop. 

6. Watching The Voice again. <3



100 happy days: Day 29.

My Internet broke last night. So here are the pics of yesterday.

1. Make up time!

2. Making a card and wrapping a birthday present for lovely Alice. <3

3. Hair dressing, 4. nail polishing (and my Tardis ring!).

5. Cinema! with Alice. ^____^ (we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

6. The Moon. <3

7. I found this back at home - vanilla pudding spiced with sour cherries.

100 happy days: Day 28.

1. Flowers bloom through the blue. (aka I love Belgrade! #1)

2. Sun and balloons! (aka I love Belgrade! #2)

3. Cracks in the pavement form human-like shapes. (aka I love Belgrade! #3)

4. Reservations for Venice: done! :D (I might post happy photos from when I’m there a bit late.)

100 happy days: Day 27.

1. Reading Clockwork Prince manga on my way to the bakery.

2. I’m hooked! This game is crazy. I made three custom ‘2048’ games today, and those are as follows: William Herondale edition (which became William-Herondale-Edition-2 because some pics disappeared from their links, so this time I made sure to personally upload them first), Tessa Gray edition (which I still cannot stop playing), and Khaleesi Daenerys edition.

Nighty night!

For all of you GoT/Dany fans out there. :3

100 happy days: Day 26.

1. Trying out new lipstick.

2. Every cloud has a silver lining.

3. Cutest slippers ever, and 4. Cutest pajamas. 

5. Bambi has a new, Easter decoration. <3

6. Almost finished! (bracelet ordered from dve:tačke)

7. Handmade card. No pic because of reasons. :) Instead, here’s the happiest pic of the day - Kinder chocolate eggs that I bought. <3 <3

8. I’m probably going to Venice on 1 May. Yay! :D

100 happy days: Day 25.

Today is a forgetful day. That is, I forgot to take the pics. Well, mostly. First I couldn’t take a pic, cause my phone battery was too low. That’s why there is no yellow balloon here, for the second time since I began this challenge; and also why there is no awesome pic of the sky with caption: "Every cloud has a silver lining"; and also why there is no pic of a woman from the bus wearing my same exact pants, and what were the odds for us to meet, wearing that same piece of clothing today of all days, and choosing the same bus, and the same part of bus, at the same time of day… AND THEN I went for a coffee with a friend, and we had so much fun talking, that I forgot to take a pic. So there you go. Some pics I have taken. 

1. I predict a riot. I predict a RIOT! Basically brainwashing myself with this song. Thank you, Ricky. Thank you, The Voice UK.

2. Today was big for music. Came home dancing and laughing. Because I’m happyyyy…!

3. Tom Hiddleston. Tom makes me happy every time I see him (well, a photo or a video of him, whatever). I cannot even begin to explain him. He just gets better and better. I don’t even now how this is possible. I just. <3 Husband. <3


Tom Hiddleston in Toronto on April 10, 2014 [HQ]